Donate your unwanted devices!

By donating your old mobile phone or laptop you will help us raise money for HeartKids. With the help of Boomerang Buyback, your old devices lying around the house gathering dust will be turned into cash.

We will use this money to help children with Childhood Heart Disease and their families.

Send us your old phone or laptop. It's FREE and simple.

Follow these easy steps

Fill the form with your details

You can print a prepaid postage label or ask us to send you a Free-Post satchel. Choose Small (for phones) or Large (laptops or iPads)

Package up your device and post it to us using the prepaid label or satchel

Boomerang Buyback will count and sort the devices and then erase any data so all of your details are removed

Don't worry if you left your SIM card inside - it will be destroyed automatically

Your device is then either recycled or refurbished and resold. The money raised from the resold devices is donated to HeartKids.

HeartKids thanks you for your donation!

PS: phones or laptops more than 5 years old - or with no ability to connect to the web - have no recycling value. Please dispose of these responsibly at home!

Donation Form