$ How Much is Your Device Worth?


    Getting a quote from us and setting up an account will not cost you a thing. We also pay the shipping for all purchasable items. If you would like to send us electronics for recycling we will pay the shipping as long as at least one item in the shipment has a value of one dollar or more.
    Getting a quote from us and setting up an account will not cost you a thing. We also pay the shipping for all purchasable items. If you would like to send us electronics for recycling we will pay the shipping as long as at least one item in the shipment has a value of one dollar or more..
    If you cannot find your item using our search bar feel free to contact us and ask us why. Sometimes a newer item may not have been added yet or may have been overlooked and we would be happy to do a custom quote for you. If you can find a close version of the item that you have feel free to submit it under that item and let us know it’s not an exact match when you send it in.
    Note: Whenever contacting us about specific gadgets it is good to include model numbers and/or serials numbers in addition to quantity and condition so that we can precisely identify what you have.
    Yes, we are a legitimate company and our service is for real. We are registered with ASIC and have a licence as a Second Hand Dealer with Fair Trading NSW. Please contact us with any concerns that you might have and we will put your mind at ease. Our business grows by providing a good service to you in hopes that you will tell your friends about us and use us again in the future. Please also visit our Media and Testimonials pages to read more
    Yes, we will accept devices from all over, however, we are only able to cover the cost of shipping with AusPost here in Australia. If you are outside of the AusPost reach, you will need to organise your own shipping. Please note that mobiles from overseas must be unlocked and usable on Australian networks in order to be accepted as being in "Good condition"
    Please come back again in the future and spread the word about who we are and what we are doing. You can connect with us on facebook, twitter and google+! There may be other ways you can get involved if you would like. Contact us and we will tell you how you can make more money by referring us to friends, family and businesses that might have valuable devices that they wish to recycle with us.
    YES! When you sell an item to us, any item, we wipe the data from it as soon as it arrives at our facility. Mobile phones and handheld devices are wiped using methods such as factory resets and computer hard drives are reformatted and wiped before having the operating systems re-installed. Similarly, data cards from cameras are also wiped to make sure that any photos are erased.
    Comprehensive data destruction services are available on request to suit data destruction requirements of corporate clients. Contact Us for more information.
    We are a licenced Second Hand Dealer with the New South Wales Fair Trading. As part of our licence we are required to lodge the serial number of all goods that we acquire and confirm identity of our customers. The reason for this is to crack down on the sale of stolen goods and to help the police track down lost items.
    YES! We collect information such as your name and email to communicate with you and for no other purpose. We do not distribute any of your personal information in any way for any reason. We respect your privacy we count on a positive user experience with us in order for our business to grow.
    Boomerang Buyback has the resources in place to reuse, refurbish, repair and redistribute large quantities of new, used, broken and unwanted electronic gadgets.
    When we are able to pay for items in either a working or broken condition, these items are going to be reused for parts and resold back into the market place. Recycle only items which we are not able to pay for are recycled with our ISO certified recycling partners and scraped for their material value.
    The whole idea behind our system is to keep electronics out of landfill and keep our planets resources in the ground. The idea is to keep gadgets moving and in use as much as possible before they become obsolete. And when gadgets do become obsolete we work to recycle and use the materials again and again.
    In this way, for every second hand gadget that we create and reintroduce to the marketplace, a new gadget is not being manufactured in its place to fit that same need.
    We have a network of buyers and we are constantly updating the prices. Typically prices of used items are constantly dropping but you would be surprised that on a rare occasion they do rise a little bit. When you receive a quote from us it is valid for 21 days. This should give you plenty of time to get the items to our facility. If it arrives outside of this timeframe the price will be adjusted to the current market rate.
    Yes! As a new electronics recycling service, our aim is to raise the bar with our massive product range, excellent customer service and top PRICES. During the first 6 months of operation (until June 2013) we are going to guarantee that our prices will not be beat! If you can find a trade-in price that is better than ours, we will match that price AND give you an extra 10%! For more on this please see our Terms and Conditions.
    When you receive a quote you can tick the appropriate boxes for the condition. Scroll over each option for a more detailed description of the appropriate condition. “Working” items mean that all of the original intended fundtions are operating properly and that the unit is free of water damage.
    Most electronic devices contain water damage sensors. These are small white squares usually tucked away in unnoticeable places. When exposed to water they turn red. Once an item has been exposed to water, it is generally considered broken regardless of functionality. This is an industry standard as typically once exposed to water, gadgets will not last much longer and do not hold the same value.
    We do an honest and fair diagnosis of each item before we look at the submission ticket and we pay out items according to our diagnosis. In a large majority of submissions our diagnosis matches your submission and often times we will pay more for an item when our customers are overly modest when stating the condition of an item. If, however, the price changes to the downside by greater than either $25 of 25% you will be notified via email with an explanation. You will then be given 7 days to agree or disagree with the repricing and have the unit sent back to you. Please see Terms and Conditions for further details.
    Please note that if our emails are not responded to within 7 days, the device will be processed at the diagnosed price.
    If you have a large order it may be best to contact us directly. This may be because you are in charge of the IT equipment at the school or office or you might just be doing a large clean out. Often times with large orders we can combine shipping and pass along some of the savings to you.
    Whenever contacting us about specific gadgets it is good to include model numbers and/or serials numbers in addition to quantity and condition so that we can precisely identify what you have.
    We accept a huge variety of electronics for trade in including smart-phones, mobiles laptops and heaps of other gadgets. We will buy your iPods, iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, Mac Pros’ and iMacs. We also buy blackberry’s, androids, motorolas, htc’s and all sorts of mobiles. You can trade in your Apple desktops and laptops. You can trade in all sorts of game consoles including Xbox, Nintendo Wii, Playstation. We also take all sorts of PDA’s and cameras including Nikon, Canon, Sony and Palm. E-readers, tablets, you name it and we will accept it. And if you can’t find it on our database just send us an email and we will see what we can do.
    We will take them all. To list a few of them we will purchase and/or recycle all iPhones including the iPhone original, iPhone 3G and 3GS, iPhone 4 and 4S, iPad original, iPad 2 and iPad , iPads with just 3g or 3g plus wifi, all iPods in any generation including iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPod Video, iPod Nano iPod MINI. Bottom line is we take them all as well as just about any iOS or Apple product out there. Once you are ready to upgrade or are no longer using your gadgets simply sell them to us and let us find them a new home
    Pretty much all of them! Apple iPhone, Blackberry RIM, Palm Treo, Palm Centro, Nokia, HTC, LG, Pantech, Motorola, Sanyo, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, HP and all the rest.
    ANY CONDITION! We accept iPods, Mobile Phones, iPhones, Apple Laptops, Apple Desktop Computers, Apple TV, MP3 Players and Game Consoles NEW, USED, BROKEN, Old and Damaged. It does not matter what condition your items are in, if they can be used for parts or if it is possible to repair, we will take it.
    We have a Reply Paid account set up with AusPost and when you ship your order using our shipping labels our account will automatically be billed and it won’t cost you a thing.
    You can drop the package off at any AusPost office of leave it in a post box if it is small enough.
    We don’t generally find items to be damaged if packaged correctly and items rarely get lost. However, for expensive items (over $100) we recommend upgrading the item to registered post for a small fee.
    Carefully pack into the satchel provided using newspaper, bubble wrap or something similar for protection. If you have the original packaging this will usually provide very good protection. If you opted to print your own label, then it is us to you to find a suitable box or post bag to ship your items.
    Generally once an item arrives at our facility it take 2-4 days for the payment to get processed and paid for. Occasionally it will take just a little bit longer when we have high volumes coming through. The only other factor is the time that the items spend in the post which depends on how far away you are from you facility outside of Sydney’s
    During the checkout process you will elect to get paid instantly via PayPay, by direct deposit to your bank account or by cheque.
    We will send email updates as soon as we receive your item and also once the item has been processed and the payment is issued. If you chose to enter a password and create an account, you can log in online and see your order details there as well as check the status.
    Creating an account is not necessary. If you choose to not create an account, all necessary information that you need will come via email. The option to create an account is there if you would like to be able to log in online and check the status of your order and submit additional items.
    Go to BoomerangBuyBack.com.au click "LOGIN" in the top right corner. Enter your email address used for your order, enter your password and press "Login". Click on View Account Information and you will be able to see all of your payment shipping and account information. Click edit on the appropriate area where you wish to update or change your info.