$ How Much is Your Device Worth?

Why Use Us?


At Boomerang Buyback we take pride in the amount of high profile corporate customers that have learned to trust of over the years to provide fair and honest reporting on the condition of their assets and also with the important task of destroying sensitive data. Have a look at some of the names we are happy to call our partners and clients!

Happy Customers

As part of our promise we promise to send your device back free of charge if you do not agree with our assessment. This only happens once or twice per year on average because we are honest in our assessments, provide excellent communication and always thinks of our customers best interests. Have a look at our facebook page to see for yourself!

We Pay More

We are constantly working on improving our sales channels to ensure that the prices we offer our customers are consistently at the top of the list. Have a look at the price comparisons made by Channel 9!

Data Destruction

Some devices are easier to wipe than others, which is why we commit to wiping the data on every single device that we purchase so that you don’t have to learn the difference. Corporate customers enjoy 3 and 5 pass data wipes on computer hard drives and Blancco certified data destruction when they sell us their fleet or iPhones. Our IT geeks have done all the research you can do on this subject and you can be guaranteed we will keep on top of all the latest technology and how to keep wiping that data.

Fast and Easy

From understanding how to submit devices on our site to shipping in your phone and getting paid, we have worked hard to make sure that process is as fast and as simple as possible. We will send you everything that you need and your device will typically be paid within 48 hours of arriving at our site!


Finding new homes for used for still desirable technology is what we do every day of the week. We are passionate about making the most of our planet's resources and we love knowing that we are going to take the phone or computer you no longer need and find someone who does. It’s all about making the world a better place one gadget at a time.